1. 1.  Go to www.facebook.com.
  2. Facebook logged out homepage
  3. 2.   Fill out the sign up section with your name, email address or mobile phone number, a password you will create just for Facebook, your date of birth and gender. 
  4. (If you don't see the form, click Sign Up, then fill out the form.)
  5. 3.  Click Sign Up after filling out your details.
  6. 4.  Facebook will walk you through prompts for the next steps to "find friends" or add a profile picture etc.
If you don't want to do any of those steps just yet.. you can just click "skip" and do it some other time if you wish. It's not necessary to fill out those steps to set up an account.
5.  Your newly created Facebook account will now open with a blue bar.. 
at the top right Click the Go to your email button.
Open your email account..there you will find an email from Facebook waiting with a link for you to click.
Click it to confirm that you have personally requested to open this Facebook account.
Once you do that you are finished setting up and can start using Facebook.

N.B. You must remember to use the same email address to log on to Facebook each time you visit. You may need to write down the email address and your password for Facebook and keep them handy until you get used to the system.

6.  To find our OCG monastery group when you join up and are logged on to Facebook..
Go to the search bar at the top left of your Facebook ...type in Oblate Cistercians De Guadalupe and click on: 

"Oblate Cistercians De Guadalupe
          Closed Group....10 members"

When you get there click the Join button.
The Admin will approve your membership and add you to the group.

Your "Home" page is the first thing you see when you log on to Facebook.
You will receive notifications there from the group when there is a new post to read.
You can also visit to post and comment to the group whenever you wish.
You will find us on the side bar to your left...
Oblate Cistercians de Guadalupe will be there under the heading for "Groups"


Down memory lane..

Last week my family took a journey back to Tilba Tilba on the south coast of New South Wales..to a garden which we first visited 20 years ago.

I was keen to see how it had matured over the years...this pear arch was just in it's infancy when we last saw it.

There were more "formal" things to see this time.

 This is the entry to the 31/2 acres of garden.
We found a lovely cool building to rest in whilst looking at the pond and watching the ducks.
 I really enjoyed coming across the dove house which was nestled in a very lush section of ferns and semi-tropical plantings.

The "kids" found a shady pond teeming with tadpoles and goldfish to keep them entertained for a while.

 I loved this rickety old gate which used to lead down to what was known as "Grandpa's Garden".
This is the area I most wanted to see again..but sadly it's all changed :-(
When we were here all those years ago, the original owners had planted it out with beautiful cottage flowers and purple buddleia hedges and mass plantings of foxgloves, from which the whole garden got it's name - Foxgloves Spires.
But there was not a foxglove to be found this time...not even the hint of there ever being any!
Such a pity and disappointment :-(
At least the "ruin" was still standing - yay!
I would've been very upset to find it gone..this is where my hubby had gone down on one knee and "proposed" to me again, lol!
It is much more ivy-clad now and as I approached it from the opposite side of this photo, the extra cover hid it so well it took quite some moments before I finally spotted it.
It was like meeting a dear old friend again...

 Hydrangeas were blooming prettily...
 and roses in abundance spread gorgeous colour and fragrance throughout the walkways.
 Large expanses of lawn and formal beds were punctuated by metal arches and arbors.
 I loved the pretty colour of this cottage and picket fence...it perfectly matched the young pittosporum hedge :-)
All in all, it was a lovely place to re-visit and spend a leisurely few hours reminiscing and observing the effects of 20 years on the layout and growth of what we'd seen in the baby-stages of the designers dream.
I recommend it for anyone who enjoys "rambling" cottage gardens filled with roses, fruit trees, gravel paths and ponds..set against the green backdrop of high rolling hills and open country skies.
A little piece of dove heaven!


'Lattice' begin...

Hmmm..looks like hubby has a new project in mind.

 Yep...he's definitely up to something.
Aha! Now I know!

 He's putting up a small lattice arbour for us to walk through from the flower garden to the vegie patch. I've been wanting something to differentiate the two areas, so yesterday we decided to put this up. It will be painted white to match the other timber framework in the yard (when the wild wind dies down!).

I've always loved lattice in a garden and I'm happy with the way this looks.

It has such a nice "country cottage" appeal to me.

It looks quite old-fashioned and friendly sitting amongst the flowers...

just like me, lol!